Adult Learner Inventory Survey Respondents

  • 2/3 of student respondents were female; 1/3 were male
  • Approximately 50% of the adult students on the Rochester campus reported being 34 or older; Winona campus generally has a younger adult population with more 25 to 30 year old students
  • Approximately 50% reported being married
  • Approximately 50% reported having dependents
  • 60% of Rochester-based respondents and 37% of Winona based respondents were attending school part-time
  • 58% of Rochester respondents were employed at a job working 31+ hours each week
  • 61% of Rochester-based respondents and 42% of Winona based respondents had earned an associate degree
  • 35% of Rochester-based respondents and 18% of Winona based respondents were receiving employer tuition reimbursement¬†