So Many Reasons to Choose WSU

Winona State University has everything you need for a top-notch education, an amazing student experience and a foundation for a successful career.


We have a tradition of teaching our students to think harder and dream bigger.

The result? 97% of WSU graduates get a job in their field.


With 80 majors to choose from, you have options at Winona State.

And there's 170 clubs and endless activities-- from sports to arts festivals and thriving music scene-- you're going to love your life as a Warrior.


Lakes, rivers, bluffs, trees? Yes, please.

Widely known for our stunning natural setting, Winona State never ceases to amaze.

Plus, you’ll have access to all that the city of Winona has to offer:

  • festivals
  • museums
  • coffee shops
  • restaurants
  • outdoor recreation


Our price tag will surprise you (in a good way). Especially when you find out everything that comes with it.

On top of that, 98% of freshmen and over 88% of all students benefit from some form of financial aid.


We’re a size “smedium.” Not too big, not too small.

Which means at about 7,000 undergraduate students, you won’t get lost on campus or in the classroom.

Small class sizes are the rule here, not the exception.