Guide for Writing Center Tutors

This guide describes the philosophy, procedures, and concerns of the English Department's Writing Center. It represents the work of many graduate students and faculty. Tutors who use this guide find should find their experience here one that is positive, rewarding, collaborative, and nurturing. Your contributions in our Writing Center will provide a valuable service to Winona State University's academic community as well as important preparation for your future literacy work. The contents of this guide are divided into three broad sections as described below.

  1. The 21st Century Writing Center: Pedagogy and Philosophy
    1.1 The Writing Center: Philosophy and Mission
    1.2 The Writing Center Director
    1.3 Writing Center Procedures & Tutor Responsibilities
    1.4 Writing Center Materials & Resources
  2. Self-Reflective Tutoring: Practices and Concerns
    2.1 Conferencing with Students
    2.2 A Model Tutoring Session
    2.3 Some Variations on the Model
    2.4 Tutoring Online
    2.5 Assessing Your Tutoring
  3. The Local Context: Faculty, Students, Staff, and Programs
    3.1 First-Year English at WSU
    3.2 Upper-Division Writing-Intensive Courses
    3.3 Notes on Collaboration, Remediation, and Plagiarism
    3.4 Working with WSU Faculty
    3.5 Support Services
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