Writing Center FAQs

No, far from it. The Writing Center is for all WSU students at all ability levels—from freshmen to graduate students.

We help anyone in any academic subject or discipline, not just English. When you visit, though, please bring a copy of your syllabus and assignment sheet. That way we’ll know better your professor’s expectations and requirements. We also help writers with a variety of discipline-specific documentation styles, such as MLA, APA, CBE and Chicago.

Yes, they can. ESL students are always welcome in the Writing Center. The tutors are experienced in working with second language learners on the challenges of producing academic English.

Most tutors are graduate students in English who hold bachelor’s degrees. Most have considerable teaching and writing experience. All undergo a rigorous training program.

Tutors discuss paper topics with writers, offer feedback on developing drafts of papers, suggest writing strategies, diagnose writing problems, ask questions and review missing or misunderstood information. But most of all, our tutors listen to each writer and customize each tutorial session.

Your work and writing are your responsibility, so we won’t proofread or edit for you. But as we discuss your work with you, we’ll teach you the mechanics of the language, including valuable proofreading, editing and revision strategies.

Of course—that’s entirely up to you. The Writing Center is free of charge, so most students see us more than once. As with everything else, some tasks take longer than others, so you may want to sign up and schedule additional appointments.

As a result of your work with us, your writing is bound to improve. We won’t improve it for you, but the more you work with us, the better a writer you’re likely to become.

Absolutely. Although we usually help students with essays and term papers, we often assist with resumes, job applications, letters, pamphlets and any other writing task with which students are involved.

  • Encourage your students to check out our website.
  • Note us on your syllabus and assignment sheets.
  • Hyperlink from your course website to ours.
  • Ask us to visit your class to describe our services.