WSU diploma and professors clapping at graduation

Advising for English Majors & Minors

Careful program planning is the key to having a satisfying and successful academic experience and getting through the program in a timely fashion. The English Department provides a number of resources and information to assist students in planning their academic program. Most of these resources are available through the Quick Links on this page.

In order to progress smoothly to graduation and fulfill all the academic requirements, it is important to consult your Degree Audit Report System (DARS) regularly to verify your progress and to note any inconsistencies or errors as soon as possible.

Each English major is assigned an academic advisor in the department when the student files the Major Declaration form (this form is available in the English office). If a student would like to change advisors, the student may do so by filing a Change of Advisor form (also available in the English office). A student’s academic advisor is an important mentor and resource.

Each semester before the registration period, the English Department organizes Group Advising Sessions. Students are encouraged to come to a session to receive guidance from faculty and peers.