Congratulations to the four College of Liberal Arts students who were winners in the "Picture Yourself" contest: Mary Larson, Karie Nigon, Katelyn Varvel and Alexandra Picht. Each student received a $100 WSU bookstore gift certificate for a successful submission.

5 Reasons to Get a Liberal Arts Degree

Careers and life itself in the 21st century will require skills and values that are heightened by studying the liberal arts. Focusing on the liberal arts will allow you to cope successfully with the challenges of our rapidly changing world. A sound foundation in the liberal arts will provide the cornerstone of a successful career as well as an appreciation of those subjects which make life truly rich - the social sciences, fine and performing arts, and humanities. 



The liberal arts encourage you to view social problems from various perspectives and listen to others' viewpoints, which is necessary in solving the issues we will face in the future. 



The liberal arts prepare you to be an informed and responsible citizen who takes action in all venues of civic engagement. 


Skill Set

A liberal arts degree gives you the transferable skills needed for a variety of careers over your lifetime rather than preparing you for one specific job. 



A liberal arts degree allows you to explore the unique interests you have and the boundaries of your knowledge so that you have a rich and rewarding life after college. 



A liberal arts degree, through all it teaches, allows us to make informed choices and advocate successfully for what we believe.

The CLA has 13 departments and 40 degree programs (including unique cross-disciplinary offers in Ethnic Studies; Film Studies; Gerontology; Global Studies; Music Business; Conflict Studies; and Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies). Here, students are highly engaged in and committed to academics, arts and community in local, regional and global settings; faculty who believe passionately in public dialogue, community outreach, meaningful scholarship and action learning guide our students in this work. We invite you to watch our CLA Synergy video to see and hear more about the WSU College of Liberal Arts experience.