College of Liberal Arts

What does it mean to have a liberal arts degree? Samuel Hazo, founder of the International Poetry Forum, shared his perspective in June 2017:

“A liberal arts education values knowledge for its own sake, affirms wisdom as the goal of learning, as well as an indispensable aid to judgment, and accepts the fact that some truths about life will always be mysterious. In an age where the acquisition of mere skills is considered primary in education for the sake of ‘success,’ the liberal arts are the only completely human alternative.”

WSU’s College of Liberal Arts is proud of our students as stellar representatives of the WSU student body, highly engaged in and committed to academics, the arts and community—from local and regional to global settings. We are also honored to have more than 150 faculty members guiding our students—faculty who believe passionately in public dialogue, community outreach, meaningful scholarship, and action learning.

The CLA has 13 departments, 40 degree programs, and confers about a quarter of all degrees granted at WSU. Our programs include unique cross-disciplinary offers in Ethnic Studies; Film Studies; Gerontology; Global Studies; Music Business; Conflict Studies; and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.

The College of Liberal Arts strongly encourages students to consider study abroad. Many short-term or semester program opportunities are available throughout the world to help you meet major, minor or graduation requirements. For more information, visit the International Programs website or contact

We invite you to watch our CLA Synergy video to see and hear more about the WSU College of Liberal Arts experience.