Dean's Welcome

Liberal Arts is less about following a path than making a journey of self-discovery. Students who have a broad view of the world and are open to new experiences find that a liberal arts background prepares them for unimagined possibilities.

In the College of Liberal Arts, students are encouraged to focus on the skills that will help them compete in a global workplace. The abilities to think independently, to make well-reasoned decisions and to be engaged with the community are some of the qualities that are developed through a liberal arts education.

Every major in the College of Liberal Arts provides opportunities for electives, so students can follow their interests and explore new areas. We encourage our students to take advantage of all the opportunities they have for new experiences outside the classroom, especially when it includes studying abroad. Liberal Arts is about having a world view, and travel is a good way to attain that view and to discover things about yourself.

WSU’s setting provides an atmosphere conducive to learning and growing. We have a beautiful campus with abundant green spaces where students like to gather. Our classes are small, giving faculty and students opportunities for meaningful interaction. The faculty’s main focus is undergraduate students, so you have our full attention. We invite you to discover the College of Liberal Arts.

Dr. Peter Miene
Dean of the College of Liberal Arts