Theatre & Dance Department

The Theatre & Dance Department (THAD) at Winona State offers an enriching educational experience. Our department offers a theatre major, theatre minor and dance minor, all supported by a liberal arts foundation. 

Theatre students focus on fundamental skills in acting, directing and design. Dance minors study movement techniques, improvisation, and composition. 

Both theatre and dance students examine the history and theory of their disciplines. Students also learn kinesthetic, cognitive, and creative skills as they develop their unique artistic voices. 

Even if you are not in the theatre & dance program, you can participate in performing arts and expand your creative potential, which is an essential skill in any field. 


Each year, the Theatre & Dance Department produces multiple productions at the WSU campus theatres. 

Current Art Season Events

View Flickr photo galleries of more than 25 THAD department productions. 

National Association of Schools of Theatre

WSU is one of 150 schools in the country accredited by the National Association of Schools of Theatre (NAST). 

The review of educational quality is made according to nationally recognized standards developed by NAST with the help of various professional groups in the field of theatre.

The review helps to determine whether the university and department are providing the educational services they say they are offering to the public, and whether the university and department are following their operational procedures.

Accreditation by NAST means that the Theatre and Dance Department have defined the educational goals of the theatre major program, and have the resources needed to achieve these goals. We are a program committed to helping students achieve success, and accreditation helps us improve their experience. 

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Theatre & Dance Department
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