GEP Course Renewal Process - Directions and Forms

In creating the General Education Program (GEP) in Fall 2011, WSU established a GEP course review and renewal process for those courses which were rolled over from the former University Studies Program (USP).

Beginning in Fall 2014, the General Education Program Subcommittee (GEPS) will start the review process.  Departments that wish to have their rollover courses continued in the GEP should plan to participate in the GEP course renewal process by submitting requested information to the GEPS.

For directions and information on the GEP course renewal process, please read/review the GEPS Renewal Process (PDF). This file contains a list of the courses to be considered for review as well as dates and deadlines for the review process.

The Fall 2016 review process will begin with courses rolled over from the University Studies Program to the GEP in Fall 2011 which are listed in Goal Areas 8-10, the Mathematics-Statistics-Critical Analysis intensive category, or under Physical Development and Wellness.

All course renewal proposals are due to the GEPS by Sept. 30, 2016.

Please note that some courses are removed from the GEPS each year in the renewal process. These courses will be removed effective May 2016.

Departments submitting GEP Course Renewal proposals are asked to utilize the Curriculog system to do so. For assistance in using Curriculog, contact the current A2C2 chair, the current GEPS chair, the GEP Director, or Dan Bailey in Development & Web Support Services (

A Curriculog Manual is available to faculty on the S: drive in the Academic Affairs Curriculum Committee folder under Curriculog, or by contacting the A2C2 chair.

A master list of all GEP Student Competencies for all Goal Areas and Additional Requirements/Intensives can be found at Master List of Student Competencies (PDF).

If you have further questions or need additional assistance, please contact Aurea Osgood, GEPS committee chair, at (x5427).