Important background information on WSU's General Education Program can be found in the GEP Policies & Procedures (PDF).

View the complete list of current GEP courses, and consult the Master List of Student Competencies (PDF) to see all Goal Areas and Additional Requirements/Intensives.

All course proposals should be submitted through Curriculog. For questions on Curriculog, contact our System Administrator Dan Bailey at DBailey@winona.edu.

Course Approval & Renewal Process

All courses considered for the General Education Program are reviewed by the General Education Program Subcommittee (GEPS), a subcommittee of the Academic Affairs and Curriculum Committee (A2C2) of Faculty Senate. Approved courses by GEPS are forwarded to A2C2 and Faculty Senate for approval.

Course proposals for any of the Goal Areas must demonstrate fulfillment of at least 51% of the specified competencies in the Master List of Student Competencies (PDF).

Course proposals for any of the Intensives or Additional Graduation requirements must demonstrate fulfillment of 100% of the specified competencies in the Master List of Student Competencies (PDF).

Policy and Procedure 3-4 (Curricular Changes) outlines the approval process for all curricular changes, including courses included in the General Education Program.

Courses are approved for a fixed period of six years. Courses will be automatically removed from the GEP list if a course is not successfully renewed.

Courses must provide evidence of student learning when renewing a GEP course. There is no prescriptive format or type of required evidence.

Sample GEP Proposals

The following GEP course renewals have been identified as good examples for review.

If you have further questions or need additional assistance, please contact Dr. Aurea Osgood, GEPS Director, at AOsgood@winona.edu.