WSU Students on Campus with MFPP Logo

Minnesota Family Planning Program (MFPP)

  • MFPP covers most birth control related health care services including:
    • Office visits & contraceptive education
    • Birth control
    • Sterilization
    • Diagnosis & treatment of sexually transmitted & other reproductive infections diagnosed during a contraceptive related visit.
  • Both men & women are eligible if they are:
    • Between 15 and 50 years of age
    • Citizen of the U.S.
    • Not currently enrolled in another Minnesota Health Care Program (MA, MN Care, etc.)
    • Not currently pregnant
    • Currently living in Minnesota while attending school
    • You meet the income requirements for the program

Application Process

1. Complete the MFPP application prior to your visit.
2. If possible, bring in two recent pay stubs (if employed) and proof of citizenship (passport or a copy of your birth certificate & picture ID).

Determining Coverage Eligibility

If qualified, presumptive eligibility (short-term coverage), is effective immediately.

Presumptive eligibility (short-term coverage) will be effective until the end of the following month.

One year of covered services will be approved after you provide the following documentation:
    • 2 recent pay stubs (if employed)
    • Proof of citizenship (passport or a copy of your birth certificate & picture ID)

You do not need these documents to receive Presumptive Eligibility, PE (short-term, immediate coverage). However, presumptive eligibility will be granted only once per year. Therefore, bring these documents as soon as possible to receive coverage for one full year.

To Obtain a Copy of your Birth Certificate:

If born in MN, you can receive a copy of your birth certificate at: 
    Winona County Offices
    177 Main Street


Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention where you can find information on how to obtain your birth certificate from any of the 50 states.