Welcome to Health & Wellness Services

Health & Wellness Services is located right on campus in the Integrated Wellness Complex, Room 222.

Our health services include:

Medical services at Health & Wellness Services are provided by a physician, nurse practitioners, a registered nurse (RN), and licensed practical nurses (LPN).

Laboratory tests can be performed within Health & Wellness Service by our medical technologist.

Call ahead at 507.457.5160 to make an appointment for Health & Wellness Services.

Health & Wellness Services Hours

Health Services will provide services Monday-Friday from 7:30am-4:30pm.

  • Telehealth Appointments: Mon-Fri
  • On-site Medical Appointments: Mon, Wed & Fri
  • COVID Testing: Mon, Wed, & Fri from 12-2pm

On-site medical appointments are available as needed. No walk-in appointments.

Please call ahead at 507.457.5160 to schedule a telehealth appointment or an on-site appointment.

For any questions regarding general health, COVID-19, or questions about self-isolation/quarantine, please call or email:

What if Health & Wellness Services is closed?

Health & Wellness Services offers a range of services to help you stay on top of your health.

Everyone Welcomed at Health & Wellness Services

In light of the current overt discrimination, racism and antisemitism, whether you have experienced this on a daily basis your entire life or whether some of what others go through is just being brought to your attention.

  • Let it be known that WSU’s Health & Wellness Services welcomes and appreciates everyone regardless of race, creed, religion, country of origin, documentation or sexual orientation.
  • Let it be known that at WSU’s Health & Wellness Services you are valued not despite your differences but with full appreciation of your differences.
  • Let it be known that at WSU’s Health & Wellness Services you are safe, protected and not judged.
  • Let it be known that WSU’s Health & Wellness Services stands with you not just when there is a horrible incident that makes the news but day to day with all that you face, during the challenges that only you may know, we stand by you.