Call 507.457.2292 for the Ask a Nurse Message Line at WSU Health & Wellness Services.

Ask a Nurse Message Line

Phone: 507.457.2292

For quick access to a nurse, add Ask-A-Nurse into your cell phone contacts.

*Calls will be returned within two hours during the business day. Calls placed after hours will be answered the following business day.
By using the Ask-A-Nurse hotline, we are hoping to be more accessible to the student body. 

Health & Wellness Services is a resource that provides care for students directly on campus!

Some examples of when to use Ask-A-Nurse:

  • When you are feeling ill, but not sure if you need to see a doctor
  • When you have a question about self-care
  • When you are feeling ill, and looking for tips on how to care for yourself at home
  • When you have a question regarding birth control, sexual health, etc.
  • Any other health or wellness related questions/concerns


Need your Flu Shot this year? 
We can help!  Call today to make an appointment or Walk In to IWC 222.                

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