Clinic Services

WSU Health Services can treat a variety of health conditions including general illnesses, mental health, sexual health and more with clinic services on-campus and via telehealth appointments. 

If you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911.

Contact the Ask-A-Nurse if you have questions about clinic services, setting up an appointment, an already scheduled appointment.

Review the Appointment Verification Policy if you have questions about missed class or work. Please bring your insurance information with you to all appointments. 

All information is confidential.

Health Services goes beyond basic aches and illnesses, offering additional healthcare services as well as lab services.

Our team will evaluate and treat injuries, making referrals for x-ray and further evaluation as needed.

Health Services has crutches, braces, and splints available for purchase.

Allergy injections can be administered by nurses based on the allergy serum and dosing form needed from home allergist.

The serum is serum stored at Health Services in a temperature controlled refrigerator.

You will be required to wait for 30 minutes after the injection.

Students are required to have certain immunizations, and Health & Wellness Services offers a variety of vaccines.

Learn more about both required and optional immunizations.

Laboratory services available include:

  • Blood tests
  • Urinalysis
  • Pregnancy tests
  • Strep screens
  • Sexually transmitted infections (STI) screens

Orders from students’ home clinician/provider are accepted and the results reported to ordering clinician/provider.

Outside clinician/providers can fax laboratory orders to WSU Health & Wellness Services at 507.457.2326.

A healthcare provider will address any nutrition concerns and make referrals to a dietician as needed.

Sexual Health

Sexual health is an important part of your overall wellbeing. All information is confidential, and services are offered without judgement. 

Health Services offers standard women’s health exams:

  • Annual Well Woman Exams
  • Pap smears
  • Gynecologic concerns such as: vaginal infections, menstrual concerns, sexually transmitted infection (STI) screening
  • Breast complaints

Health Services also provides services for people who are or planning to be sexually active. 

Sexual Assault Nurse Exam (SANE)

There is no charge for the exam. A SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) nurse is available to provide:

  • an evidentiary exam, where physical evidence of the sexual assault is collected and documented
  • treatment/prevention for STIs
  • pregnancy testing/prevention 

Consider using other campus resources to receive additional support after a sexual assault. You can learn more about your options from the Confidential Advocate, including reporting the assault to the university and/or to law enforcement.

Travel Consultation Appointments

Travel with caution and research your destination’s COVID-19 policies before you go. Get the latest health alerts for more information. 

If you are studying or traveling abroad, you should consider making an appointment with one of our providers to discuss various pre-travel vaccinations and health care concerns. 

Call 507.457.5160 to schedule your consult at least 4-6 weeks before departure. Don’t wait until it is too late. This is to allow appropriate timing of vaccinations. 

Bring the following information to your appointment:

Some insurance companies do not cover costs associated with travel vaccines, medicines, etc. 

Contact your insurance carrier via the customer service phone number provided on the back of your insurance card to ask about coverage of vaccinations and visit.

You should also learn more about your travel destinations and prepare for international travel with these resources:

Contact Health Services
Health & Wellness Services

IWC 222

Appointment Line: 507.457.5160

Ask-a-Nurse Message Line: 507.457.2292

Fax: 507.457.2326

Office Hours

Academic Hours

Monday-Friday | 7:30am-4:30pm

  • In-Person Appointments
  • Telehealth Appointments


Break Hours

Monday-Friday | 7:30am–4pm

  • In-Person Appointments
  • Telehealth Appointments

Clinic is open Tuesday-Thursday | 7:30am-4pm