Medical Records & Forms

Medical records are confidential. Information is given to a third party only with the student’s written consent. 

Parents, faculty, university administration, and potential employers do not have access to your medical records.

To get a copy or send medical records elsewhere, complete & sign an Authorization to Release Medical Information (PDF). You can also use this form to revoke someone’s access to your WSU medical records.

Health Services Forms

Appointment Verification

If you have a prolonged illness or injury that requires medical attention, Health Services will provide documents to verify any appointments. This will help provide evidence for excused absences.

Students should also consult the Temporary Conditions Checklist (PDF) for more resources.

Faculty members cannot ask Health Services staff to confirm or deny appointment information for students. It is up to the student talk to their professors whenever they miss class due to illness or injury.

Appointment Verification Policy

It is the policy of Winona State Health & Wellness Services not to provide students with excuses for short-term absences from class or missed deadlines due to illness or injury. If a student has a prolonged illness or injury needing medical attention, staff will work with students to provide documentation. At the appointment, students can request a “verification of visit” that states the date of the appointment and the clinician’s or nurse’s signature.

This policy reflects our respect for students’ privacy. It also is our educational mission to help students become independent by taking responsibility for their own health care. It is consistent with the policies of many other institutions and the recommendations of the American College Health Association.

When students want excuses after a brief illness or injury that they managed by self-care, our clinicians may have no direct knowledge about the student’s condition at the time of the absence. Therefore, we cannot provide documentation. 

We recognize that faculty want an equitable way of determining when to excuse student absences. This policy reinforces the students’ responsibility to communicate directly and efficiently with their professors about conditions that interfere with their class attendance. 

Students are encouraged to speed their own recovery and to refrain from spreading infections such as colds and flu throughout the campus community by making smart decisions about when they are too sick to attend class or go to work. We appreciate all the ways that faculty and other members of the campus community support and assist students during absences related to illness and injury. 

Contact Health Services
Health & Wellness Services

IWC 222

Appointment Line: 507.457.5160

Ask-a-Nurse Message Line: 507.457.2292

Fax: 507.457.2326

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Monday-Friday | 7:30am-4:30pm

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