Distance Education

If you are a Winona State University student enrolled as a distance student in classes from Winona or Rochester, Krueger Library staff will mail you books or scan and e-mail you articles from the Krueger Library collection, as well as deliver requested interlibrary loan materials.

You may download full-text articles from our databases directly to your computer.

This service is not for textbooks. Textbooks are available at the WSU bookstore.

A distance student, for library purposes, is a student currently enrolled at WSU who has classes officially scheduled by the registrar meeting less than once a week at Winona or for students who attend classes from a campus or site (home) other than Winona. Faculty who teach WSU distance classes but who do not come to Winona or Rochester are also eligible for distance services.

Things to note:

  • Please use your StarID login and StarID password.
  • Some forms have a “date needed” field. This is the date on which the computer will delete your request.
  • Requesting a short turnaround time may result in the computer deleting your request prematurely.
  • Please allow at least a week for processing.Books at Krueger Library

    Books at Krueger Library

    • Search for the book(s) in the library catalog
    • Click on the title, then on "Email this" above the title
    • Email the request to library@winona.edu. In the “from” field, use your WSU email. In the message, write “Distance Student, please mail”
    • Books requested in this manner must be from WSU Main Library collections. Check for this under the “Holdings” tab in the catalog record.

      Books at Other Libraries

      To search for and request items from libraries worldwide using WorldCat, follow this step-by-step tutorial. If you receive an email asking you to pick the book up at the library, please send an email to library@winona.edu and let us know you are a distance student and ask that the book be sent to your home. Many time our system identifies you as a Distance Student, however sometimes it does not.

      Articles Unavailable Full-Text & Not in Our Library

      When you are searching in a database, use the "Check for Full Text" button to find full text articles. Follow this step-by-step tutorial on finding full text articles in databases. If you click on the FindIt! button and no full text is available at WSU, you can request the article from another library:

      • Click "More Options"
      • Click "WSU Interlibrary Loan"
      • Enter you StarID and StarID password.
      • All of the necessary article information will be filled in automatically. Check for accuracy.
      • Scroll to the bottom of the page, check the copyright box and click "Go"

      If you already have a citation, use the CitationLinker to find full text. If Krueger Library does not have full text, request it from another library using the process above.

      Articles Unavailable Full-Text, but in Our Library

      • Fill out the Citation Linker form, and click "Go"
      • Request the article if the journal title is only available in hard copy in the library
      • Create an Article Request
      • Fill out as much as you can in the form, and submit request

        Delivery time depends on where the items requested and you are located. All timing is approximate. If the item is:

        • From Krueger Library, roughly 5 working days
        • From another library (in-state), roughly 10 working days
        • From another library (out-of-state),  up to 4 weeks 


        Wondering where your item is? Check your library record and look at the status of your requests. If the status is:

        • "UNFLLD" or "locate failed," your request will be sent out to more libraries within 24 hours
        • "Sent to supplier," a library is working on your request
        • "Shipped," the item is on its way here
        • "Loaned to library," your item is available for you to pick up 

        If you are blocked from requesting something or receive a message saying you have reached your limit, check your library record. Your borrowing privileges may have been blocked because of overdue items.

        If the computer will not accept your request for any reason, email us at library@winona.edu with the information on the material that you are trying to obtain. If you have been blocked, Interlibrary Loan staff will enter your request as soon as you resolve the issues associated with your account. If there is any other problem, Interlibrary Loan staff will process your request as quickly as possible.


        To track the status of your requests, log into your account from the library homepage and click on “ILL Requests.”

        The results will not tell you the status of the item in its postal transit from our library to you, but it will tell you if we have received materials from other libraries, and if they are overdue. If the computer will not display your requests, contact Susan Byom at sbyom@winona.edu with the information on the material that you are trying to renew.


        To renew requested items:

        1. Log into your account from the library homepage
        2. Click on “ILL Requests” This will bring up a list of the books you have borrowed.
        3. Click on the box next to the item you wish to renew
        4. Click “Renew Selected ILLs” or “Renew all ILLs”

        Instructors or departments should send a list of distance students and their Warrior/Tech ID numbers to library@winona.edu. If the students are not in the registration system (i.e., your department is currently adding them) then also send their correct mailing addresses, telephone numbers and official WSU e-mail addresses. The library records will be verified to make sure each student's record is correct and a barcode number will be assigned and sent to each student.

        For those distance students taking classes through Rochester, the department should send a list of distance education students to Goddard Library