My Librarian

Your librarian acts as a link between you and library resources to help you understand and focus your research. Each major or minor has a librarian who has an understanding about the specialized topics in that area. This librarian, in collaboration with other faculty, continues to work to build a collection of resources to support the research in your subject area.

Contact your librarian to make an appointment to discuss your research. For walk-in research or library questions, a librarian is often available at the reference desk. 

Teaching students about research, how to select research tools, how to evaluate sources, and other essential research skills are core elements of the librarians’ role at Winona State University. In collaboration with faculty, the librarians design library instruction or research education sessions based on the needs of the students and the expectations for the course.  

Online Tutorials

Librarians can create on-line tutorials for point-of-need instruction. Students can view the tutorials anytime, anywhere.

Course Guides

These provide students with a guide to start their research tailored to meet class needs. Guide links can easily be added to D2L. Guides can include the text of the library assignment, as well as resources, both in paper and electronic, that will be useful for the course. The system we use for course pages even allows usage statistics to see how heavily the resources are being used. In this system, Krueger Library does not keep statistics at the student level. 

Librarians can help your department build and manage its book collection, as well as journal subscriptions. The activities include:

  • Help select material to be added to the library collection
  • Act as an information source for your department
  • Review material requests generated by your department
  • Facilitate the acquisition of needed materials 
  • Serve as a collection development specialist for your department
  • Be responsible for book budgets for your department

Librarians can help develop an assignment for your students, and then periodically visit class for hands-on help.

Your department's liaison will be in contact with the faculty and staff in the department each year. The liaison can notify your faculty about new databases or problems discovered with current databases. The liaison can send out book announcements from publishers and book dealers. The liaison may also notify faculty about upcoming events in the library.