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Major & Career Exploration Week

October 12-16, 2020

Having trouble picking a major, thinking about changing majors, or want to learn more about career opportunities within your major?

During Major & Career Exploration Week you can find the information you need!

  • Connect with faculty, staff and students covering WSU's majors, minors, and programs (online and in-person options available)
  • Learn about majors and careers best suited for you
  • Talk with alumni in your area of interest to learn more about occupations and how to prepare for your dream job

Need help before the fair? Follow this simple, step-by-step process for selecting your degree program and get help from a Warrior Success Center advisor.

Location: Fully online

Prefer to meet online? The Major & Career Exploration Online Fair is the perfect place to get the information you need regarding Winona State's academic programs from the people best suited to help you.

So, whether you are still trying to figure out your major, want to add a minor, or simply want to learn more about occupations related to your major, you have come to the right place. 

Your answers are just a click away!

Departments & Programs

Not seeing a program you're interested in listed here? Feel free to reach out to any academic department for more information about their programs.

Department or Program Zoom Password (if needed)
Online Fair Help Desk Link: Here to answer your questions!  
Accounting Zoom Link  
Biology Zoom Link  
Business Administration (with Human Resources Management and Management Information Systems) Zoom Link (Closes at 12pm)  craft
Chemistry Zoom Link  Organic
College of Education Zoom Link  education
Communication Studies Zoom Link (Opens at 11am)  077916
Computer Science Zoom Link 
Criminal Justice Zoom Link
Elementary & Early Childhood Education Zoom Link
English Zoom Link  665648
Finance Zoom Link (Opens at 11am)  
Geoscience Zoom Link (Closes at 11:30am)  182389
Global Studies & World Languages Zoom Link   013203
Graduate Studies Zoom Link  WSU
Health, Exercise, and Rehabilitative Science (HERS) Zoom Link  846987
History Zoom Link (Opens at 11am)
Individualized Studies  TRENT
Legal Studies Zoom Link   
Marketing Zoom Link  gowarriors
Mass Communication Zoom Link   185615
Nursing Zoom Link (Closes at 12pm)  898994
Psychology Zoom Link  Psychology
Recreation & Tourism/Therapeutic Recreation (RTTR) Zoom Link   a0K3Ty
Social Work Zoom Link  
Special Education Zoom Link  601731
Theatre and Dance Zoom Link  Theatre
WSUmmer Zoom Link  Winona

Location: East Room (upper level of Kryzsko) and other campus locations

Are you ready to get out and meet with people face-to-face? If so, the Major & Career Exploration In-Person Fair is a great place to get started!

Get the answers you need by visiting with department representatives during this two-day event.

Come as you are and bring a friend. No registration needed. Masks are required.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Departments & Programs

An X shows when each department is available to meet. Not all departments are able to participate in the in-person fair.

Please feel free to reach out to any academic department for more information about their programs.


Department or Program Location Oct. 14
Oct. 14
Oct. 15
Oct. 15
Oct. 15
Biology East Room  X  X  X    
Chemistry East Room    X  X    
College of Education East Room       X    
Communication Studies PAC Lobby  X      X  
Criminal Justice East Room  X    X    
Elementary & Early Childhood Education East Room  X        
English  East Room      X    
Finance East Room        X  X
Geoscience East Room    X    X  
Global Studies East Room        X  
Health, Exercise, and Rehabilitative Science (HERS) Maxwell 355  X  X    X  
History  East Room    X      
Mass Communication East Room      X    
Theatre and Dance East Room        X  
WSUmmer East Room        X  X

Program Video Gallery


Watch and learn about academic programs and opportunities for students at WSU:

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