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The campus bookstore is the one stop shop for all the textbooks and supplies you need to start your semester off right.

For more information or to connect with a staff member at the RCTC Bookstore, please call 507.285.7202 or email bookstore@rctc.edu. You can contact the WSU Bookstore at 507.457.5319 or wsubookstore@winona.edu

Books for WSU-Rochester Spring 2021 courses will be available from the RCTC Bookstore. You will be able to order your books online through the RCTC Bookstore website starting on December 14, 2020.

Get more information on ordering books for Spring 2021

You can charge textbook and course materials at the RCTC Bookstore to your tuition statement and pay when statement is due. To charge the items, you must provide a printed copy of your course schedule with your name on it (available in eServices) and any form of current picture ID.

WSU-Rochester courses that require textbooks can be purchased in person at the RCTC Bookstore located in the Hill Theatre (HT) building on the first floor in HT100 or online through the RCTC website.

If you have registered for a Winona campus course (face-to-face in Winona or online/Winona based course), you will need to purchase your books at the WSU Bookstore in Winona or online through the WSU website.

For more information or to connect with a RCTC Bookstore staff member call 507.285.7202 or email bookstore@rctc.edu

Wear your purple with pride and have your family join in the fun by purchasing them WSU-Rochester apparel too. You can stop in the RCTC bookstore to purchase the latest WSU-Rochester fashion located on the RCTC campus in the Hill Theatre building, HT100 or order online through the RCTC website.

You can also purchase WSU apparel online via the Winona Bookstore website. 

Winona Campus course (via online or face-to-face) textbooks and course materials are only available at the WSU Bookstore in Winona.  However, you do not have to drive to Winona to purchase them. You can order books online and have delivered to your home for a minimal shipping fee.

For more information or to connect with a WSU Bookstore staff member, call 507.457.5319 or email wsubookstore@winona.edu.