Health Services

Students can receive treatment for minor illnesses, emergency first aid, non-prescription medications, referrals, health counseling and diagnostic tests at RCTC Student Health Services.

A registered nurse is available every day during the academic year and a physician or nurse practitioner is on campus weekly.

Visits are at no cost but some tests and services may have an additional fee. Single doses of over-the-counter medications are available at no cost. However, prescriptions must be filled at local pharmacies.

Keep in mind that the Student Health Services office does not bill private insurance and services are limited to currently enrolled students at WSU-Rochester and RCTC.


Hours & Location

The Student Health Service is located in room 140 of the Health Science building on the first floor. You can stop in or reach them by phone at 507.285.7261 or email

The Student Health Services office is staffed only during fall and spring semester. (Hours are subject to change due to staff availability.) Closed school holidays, breaks, and during the summer.

Office hours are:

Monday-Thursday                 8am - 3:30pm
Friday                                    8am - 1:30pm