LEAD Summit Keynote Address

Leading With an Inclusive Lens

Presented by: Jermaine M. Davis

Are you prepared to lead in a global economy? Communicate and interact effectively with different cultures, ethnic groups, sexual orientations, ages, abilities, belief systems, and more. Make a difference in the lives of others with your positive influence. Lead the way of change. 

About Jermaine M. Davis

Jermaine has been actively teaching college adults for more than 15 years, during which he received the prestigious student-nominated College Instructor of the Year Award.  He has authored and co-authored 10 books in the areas of academic success, diversity, motivation, inspiration, leadership, and women’s leadership. Jermaine is CEO, founder and co-founder of two companies:  Seminars & Workshops, Inc. and The Stand Out Leadership Company. He is currently a professor of Communication Studies at Century College and is a Doctoral Candidate studying and researching in the area of Organizational Leadership.   Jermaine is also a documentary film maker and is currently working on the release of his debut documentary Breaking the Cycle.