Required Courses

Art History Requirements for the Studio Art Major
ART 221  Art History I
ART 222  Art History II
ART 439  Art Since 1945
One additional 400-levelArt History


Art History Requirements for the Graphic Design Major
ART 221  Art History I
ART 222  Art History II
ART 439 Art Since 1945


Art History Requirements for the Art Teaching Major
ART 221  Art History I
ART 222  Art History II
ART 439 Art Since 1945


24 S.H.
The History of Art minor is a program of study with an emphasis on the major art trends and movements of the modern and contemporary periods in 19th and 20th century Europe and America in addition to various critical methods of approaching and evaluating art. Courses explore the visual culture that helped shape our contemporary world; they also acquaint students with the research skills of the art historian, both in terms of written material and the critical visual tools required to decipher images and objects.

REQUIRED ART COURSES (12 S.H.)           
            221            Art History I (3)
            222            Art History II (3)
            224            American Art (3)
W            439            Later Twentieth Century Art (3)

At least two of the following three courses (6-9 S.H.)
W            ART              435            Italian Renaissance Art (3)
W            ART              437            Nineteenth Century Art (3)
W            ART              438            Early Twentieth Century Art (3)
The remaining elective(s) are to be chosen from two of the following groups (3-6 S.H.)
              ART              433            Independent Study (in art history) (3)
No more than one of the following studio courses:
              ART             114            2-D Design (3)
              ART              115            3-D Design (3)
              ART              118            Drawing I (3)
No more than one of the following recommended or cognate courses:
            ENG             223            Classical Mythology (3)
              ENG              224            The Bible as Literature (3)
            ENG            225            Topics in Literature (3)
            ENG            304            Victorian and post-Civil War Literature (3)
            ENG            305            Modernism and Beyond (3)
*            HIST             120            Western Civilization to 1500 (3)
*            HIST             121            Western Civilization 1500-1815 (3)
*            HIST             122            Western Civilization 1815 to Present (3)
              HIST             125             Classical History (3)
*            HIST             150            United States History to 1865 (3)
*            HIST             151            United States History since 1865 (3)
*            PHIL             110             Critical Thinking (3)
            PHIL            120             Introductory Philosophy (3)
            PHIL            270             Philosophy of Religion (3)
            PHIL            280             Philosophy of Art (3)
            PHIL            301             Early Modern Philosophy (3)
            PHIL            302             Contemporary Philosophy (3)


Courses and Descriptions
Art History Courses, Descriptions, and Curricular Requirements
221 - Art History I (3 S.H.)
 A one-semester survey focusing on western and non-western art history up to the 19th century, with additional attention devoted to methods of observation, analysis, and research. Grade Only.

222 - Art History II (3 S.H.)
A one-semester survey of modernism, beginning with the 19th century and touching on major modernist and postmodernist artists and movements up to the present. The course also provides instruction in methods of observation, analysis, and research. Grade Only.

224 - American Art (3 S.H.)
Survey of the visual arts in the United States from the Colonial Era through the Great Depression. Emphasis on the emergence and evolution of American art traditions as indicative of national experience. Grade only.

433 - Independent Study (1-3 S. H.)
To be arranged with an instructor in studio, art history, or art education. Prerequisites: to be determined by the instructor; junior standing. The permission and signature of the instructor and the departmental stamp is required in order to register. May be repeated up to a maximum of 9 credits. Grade only.

435 - Italian Renaissance Art (3 S.H.)
The painting and sculpture of Italy from the late Gothic Era to about 1600. The course emphasizes the major school and some of the secondary schools, together with the innovations and achievements of individual masters. A research paper is required. Prerequisite: ART 222. Grade only.

437 - Nineteenth Century Art (3 S.H.)
This course traces the transformations in European and American art beginning with the revolutionary period of the late 18th century. It culminates with the rise of the bourgeoisie and the onset of European modernism in the final decades of the 19th century. A research paper is required. Prerequisite: ART 222. Grade only.

438 - Early Twentieth Century Art (3 S.H.)
The historic period of modernist innovation in Europe between 1900 and the World War I era, including American responses, is examined along with some of the art historical methodologies used in analyzing these works. Concludes with developments up to the outbreak of World War II. A research paper is required. Prerequisite: ART 222. Grade only.

252 - Survey of Women in Art (3 S.H.)
Lecture/discussion course surveying the history of European and American women artists from the Baroque era to the present. Social and cultural environments for women are considered, as well as individual artist’s contributions to the history of art. Core disciplinary course for women’s and gender studies minor. Grade only.

439 - Art Since 1945 (3 S.H.)
 Readings and discussions concerning the critical developments in contemporary art from 1945 to the present, including the shift from modernism to postmodernism. By focusing on individual artists, movements, critics, and theorists, students will become conversant in the debates and methods that lead to the art of the present. A research paper is required. Prerequisite: ART 222. Grade only.

440 Realism in Modern and Contemporary Art: (3 S.H.)
 an examination of artists who chose to paint or sculpt naturalistic, recognizable images during a time when non-representation had become established and, in some cases, dominant. Topics will include with the socially radical realism of Gustave Courbet, the classicizing impulse of Pablo Picasso, the popularizing art of Norman Rockwell, and the social and gender critique of Jenny Saville. Classes will consist of primary source readings, critical discussions, independent research, a paper, presentation, and when possible, viewing of actual works of art.

452 Advanced Survey of Women in Art (3 S.H.)
 Through an examination of the work of important artists, critics, and historians, students will learn about the contributions and difficulties of women, with an emphasis on modern and contemporary art. We will see that women artists are uniquely positioned to critique established systems of social, political, and aesthetic thought, and this critique is a fundamental aspect of modern and postmodern art. Required activities include discussion, independent research, a term paper, and a presentation.

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