Faculty-led Programs

Faculty-led programs are short-term travel study programs. The unique features of a faculty-led program include:

  • Typically taught during breaks: summer, winter, or spring
  • Led by WSU faculty
  • Study and travel is with other WSU students
  • You are enrolled in a WSU course (or courses) as part of the program, usually satisfying a Goal Area, or major or minor requirement.


    Available Programs

    2021-2022 Faculty-led Programs: list of programs available during the 2020-2021 academic year, including Summer 2022.  

    Active Faculty-led Programs: list of programs typically offered on an alternate-year schedule.

    How to Apply

    Faculty-led Programs Application Instructions: Please follow these instructions to apply for a faculty-led program.


      Please contact Kathy Jicinsky, Assistant Director of Study Abroad for Faculty-led Programs, at kathy.jicinsky@winona.edu with any questions.

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