Student Life & Development

Welcome to Winona State University! WSU is a wonderful place to learn and grow as a student and as a person, all within a culture of responsibility.

In the Division of Student Life and Development, we promote student excellence; we invite collaboration and discovery; and we challenge students to take responsibility as members of a diverse, global community. We are committed to enhancing the student experience and supporting the success of all students.

Our doors are open and we welcome the opportunity to learn more about all students. If you have an idea to share, an accomplishment to celebrate, a concern to raise or an issue to explore, we are here for you.

The SLD office also houses the Dean of Students who serves as a strong student advocate and provides leadership to the University community in maintaining a safe, inclusive, and affirming environment. The Dean manages and oversees the University’s conduct processes and provides leadership to the University in promoting and maintaining student rights and responsibilities.

Student Life and Development Division

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