Forms and Guides

For quick access to tax and requisition forms, the Student Payroll Office has compiled a list of student and supervisor forms and guides, including the payroll schedule and the online timesheet manual.


Acceptable Documents for I-9 (PDF) – This list includes all the documents that can be presented for the I-9 Form. 
Guide for Electronic Timesheet (PDF) - This is a student guide regarding how to enter time worked on the student eTimesheet.
On-Campus Job Sites (PDF)-- All of the the WSU departments with student employment positions are listed here.
Pay Schedule (PDF) – This is the current schedule of pay periods for all WSU employees.


Coaching and Corrective Action Form (PDF) – If corrective action is needed to improve a student employee’s performance, document the steps taken with this form.
Example Application Form (PDF) – This is an example of an application a supervisor may ask students to complete when applying for a student employment position.
Example Evaluation Form (PDF) – This is an example of a student employee performance review form.
Example Interview Form (PDF) – This is an example of questions a supervisor may use when interviewing candidates for a student employment position. 
FICA Withholding Form (PDF) – This form authorizes FICA taxes to be withheld from students’ paychecks. It must be completed for students planning to work more than 30 hours per week.  
Overpay Authorization Form (PDF) – This form authorizes a student to be paid above minimum wage.
Request for Lump Sum Position (PDF) – Use this form to request that a position be created to allow compensation in the form of lump sum payment/s rather than with the use of hourly timesheets.
Supervisor Guide (PDF) - This document provides step-by-step instructions for using the electronic applications for hiring students and approving timesheets.