WSU students on mobile devices demonstrating Our Digital Humanity.

Winona State University Theme

For WSU and for the Winona community, partnering around year-long themes has proven to be an effective strategy for bringing faculty, staff, students and community members to the engagement table.

2016-17 Theme: Our Digital Humanity

Our Digital Humanity examines human life in the digital age. Together, we’ll explore the impact digital tools have on individuals, institutions, systems, societies, and our interconnected world; and the implications for our collective future.


  • Cultivate ethical, responsible, inclusive and resilient digital citizens.
  • Explore how digital tools have changed the way Winona State faculty, staff and students research, create, communicate, relate, learn and teach.
  • Examine disruption across industries, communities, economies, ecologies, and other systems.
  • Increase literacy of how everyday digital tools collect, process, harvest and analyze our daily human behavior.
  • Consider the human costs of life in the digital age; and the futures we want to create.

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