Return on Investment at Winona State

Student Outcomes

92% of WSU grads get a job in their field.

WSU has you covered when it comes to finding success post-graduation. Don’t take our word for it, get the scoop straight from our proud WSU grads.

Regina Mustafa ‘18 | Breaking Down Barriers

Regina Mustafa“The Multicultural Education graduate certificate embodies the mission of WSU, to build economic, social, and cultural vitality. Once I learned about the program I knew I had to be a part of it. I knew it would further enhance the community work I had been doing in Southeast Minnesota for years, breaking down barriers and enabled the formation of relationships between diverse communities.” Learn more about Regina Mustafa.

Echo Huang ‘95 | Taking Care of Business

Echo Huang“As a young immigrant, Asian, and woman, I am a ‘triple’ minority in the financial services industry. My passion is to help people utilize their resources to maximize the return in their lives. I have realized my American dream-- now I want to support the next generation of students pursuing their American dream.” Learn more about Echo Huang.

Waheed Khan ‘18 | Internship Turned Opportunity

Waheed Khan“When I was first contacted to apply for the Google internship, I didn’t think it was a real opportunity. I did some research and decided to apply. I couldn’t believe that Google wanted me. All of my successes are because of everything that I’ve done here at WSU.” Learn more about Waheed Khan.

Jessica Lavorata '18 | Beyond Hitting the Books

Jessica Lavorata“My college experience would not have been so incredible without the help of scholarships. I am extremely grateful for every scholarship I have received and the school for making these opportunities accessible to me every year." Learn more about Jessica Lavorata.