ID Information

The Human Resources Office of Winona State University understands that employees have several ID numbers to utilize. Here is a helpful summary of your State/SEMA-4 ID, MN State/StarID and your WSU Tech/Warrior ID. 

State ID (Sema4 ID Number)
  • Every employee of the state of Minnesota is given a State ID number. This does not change. You may find your State ID number by calling or emailing the Human Resources Office (507.457.5005 or
  •  You use your State ID number to log into the State of Minnesota Employee Self Service Website.
  • This is the site to view your paystubs, W-2s, and benefit information online. This is also the site you use to enroll in your insurance.
Star ID (MN State ID Number)
  • The intent of the Star ID is to eventually replace the WSU Tech ID, so that each MN State employee has 1 ID number, especially if they are working for multiple campuses. Please note that this does not replace your State ID number.
  • You may obtain this number by visiting the Star ID website
  • This number is used for access to such MN State Systems as E-Time and Tuition Waivers.

WSU Tech ID (Warrior ID Number)

  • Every WSU employee gets a Tech ID number. You should receive this information with your New Employee Network Account. You may also obtain this number by calling or emailing the Technical Support Center (507.457.5240 or 
  • This is the number printed on your WSU ID Card.