Graduate Admissions Appeals

All graduate applicants have the right to appeal denial of admission to Winona State University’s Graduate Studies.

If you believe that you were wrongfully denied admission, follow these steps to create an appeal.

Step 1. Write a Personal Statement

Tell us more about yourself through a personal statement (2 pages max): 

  • why WSU Graduate Studies is your institution of choice
  • an overview of your graduate and/or career goals
  • any evidence of preparation for graduate school

This written statement should also include an explanation for factors that affected your undergraduate performance.

Step 2. Gather 2 Letters of Recommendation

Ask for at least 2 letters of recommendation. These letters should demonstrate your ability to succeed at a graduate level.

Step 3. Add Extra Information

If grades have improved, send updated transcript or recent grade report. Any additional recommendations or documentation related to health or personal circumstances is optional.

These should be further evidence to support your appeal request.

Step 4. Send Your Appeal Information

Once you have all of your information completed, send it to or by mail to:

Winona State University
School of Graduate Studies
PO Box 5838
Winona MN

The Graduate Studies Admissions Appeals Committee will review your documents and submit a recommendation to the Dean of Graduate Studies.

Step 5. Wait for Your Appeal Decision 

The appeals process can take about 4 weeks. You will be contacted about the status of your application. 

Contact Graduate Admissions
Samantha Eckerson
Recruitment & Admissions Assistant Director | Graduate Programs & WSU-Rochester Transfer

Cell: 507.703.1894

Office: 507.535.3980

Email WSU Graduate Admissions