Graduate Non-Degree Seeking Student Application

Students who have completed a baccalaureate degree (or higher), but do not intend to pursue a master’s degree, may register as graduate non-degree seeking students.

You will receive confirmation for your admission as a graduate non-degree seeking student as well as other instructions such as: 

  • registering for courses
  • accessing your account online
  • making tuition payments

You will need to contact the relevant academic department or course instructor if you are registering: 

  • in a course that requires permission of the instructor
  • after the start of the class

The faculty will contact School of Graduate Studies to facilitate your enrollment. 

If you are working toward teacher licensure/certification, contact Pattie Thompson at to learn about the additional procedures and requirements. 

Contact Graduate Admissions
Samantha Eckerson
Recruitment & Admissions Assistant Director | Graduate Programs & WSU-Rochester Transfer

Cell: 507.703.1894

Office: 507.535.3980

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