How To Apply

Follow these steps to apply to for admission to WSU Graduate Study programs.


Using the link provided below, log in and begin using the WSU School of Graduate Studies Online Application. You will either use your existing StarID or you will be asked to create a new StarID. 

Please Note: WSU is no longer accepting paper applications for admission to Graduate Study programs. Please use the Online Application for Admission.

The Graduate Programs in Athletic Training, Nursing, Special Education, and Professional Science Masters programs will require an additional paper application form specific for their department. Please visit these respective website links to access application forms.


Application Fee

WSU requires a $20 application fee that can be paid online. If mailing a check or money order, please have it made out to Winona State University. All first time graduate applications require this fee. Payment of this fee as an undergraduate student does not waive this fee for the graduate application.



Request one official transcript directly from each institution that you have attended. You do not need to request transcripts from other Minnesota State schools, as we have access to print each other’s transcripts. Transcripts should be mailed to:

Winona State University
School of Graduate Studies
PO Box 5838
Winona MN

All transcripts should be submitted directly by each institution to the School of Graduate Studies Office. Transcripts must show that the student has received a Bachelor’s degree from an institution accredited by an appropriate national accrediting body, a regional accrediting agency, or by the reporting state agency of the state in which the college or university is located.



Admission to Graduate Study does not mean admission to a degree or certificate program. Applications for a degree or certificate program will be reviewed by the department offering that program. You will be notified, in writing, if you are admitted or denied admission to the program.

Wisconsin Reciprocity

If you are a Wisconsin resident please submit an Online Reciprocity Application. Select "Apply for MN-WI tuition reciprocity."