Student taking tickets at basketball game.

What Does it Mean to be a "New Hire"?

You are a “new hire” if you have never worked for Winona State University before. If you have worked for Chartwell’s Dining Services on campus, you have not worked for WSU. Chartwell’s is a separate employer.

Work Study and Student Help

Once a supervisor has decided to offer you a work study or student help position, she or he will submit an electronic Authorization Form to student payroll. This form “authorizes” you to work for a particular department for a specific timeframe. However, if you have never worked for WSU before, you must complete additional hiring documents before you may begin working

Graduate Assistant 

If a department makes a decision to hire you as a graduate assistant, they send a completed “Appointment Form” to the Student Payroll Office. A contract is then prepared for you and an email is sent to you requesting that you come to the Student Payroll Office to review and sign your GA contract. At that time, if you have never worked for WSU before, two additional hiring documents must be completed: