Annual Performance Reviews

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The Bargaining Agreements and Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB) Procedures require the completion of an Annual Performance Review for all classified employees. The communication involved in any good evaluation process ensures that you will stay in tune with the needs and concerns of your workforce.  

Completing the Process
  1. Complete the Review in a timely manner.
  2. Meet with the employee.
  3. Ensure you have signed the Review as the 'Rater.’
  4. Set a timeframe for allowing the employee to comment and secure the employee's signature.
  5. Please note: An employee is not obligated to sign the Annual Review. Signing does not indicate acceptance or rejection of the evaluation.
  6. Provide a copy of the Review to the employee at the time they sign it.
  7. Secure your supervisor's signature.
  8. Keep a copy for your files.
  9. Once proper signatures have been secured, forward the completed evaluation to the Human Resources Office (Somsen 114) by February 19, 2016.