Overtime Guidelines

As a supervisor utilizing eTimesheets, it is your responsibility to review employee timesheets for accuracy and adherence with collective bargaining agreements regarding overtime before submitting to payroll.  In doing so, please refer to the attached guide from Minnesota State for a quick reference of which sections of the applicable bargaining unit contract to review.

  • Refer to bargaining labor contracts for overtime eligibility.
    • Tip: 40 hour work week is Wednesday through Tuesday
  • Determine if overtime qualifies for payment at straight time or time and a half.
  • Report actual hours worked (do not convert to time and a half).

Use overtime codes:

  • OT1 = cash overtime at straight time
  • CE1 = compensatory overtime at straight time
  • OTR = cash overtime at time and a half
  • C15 = compensatory overtime at time and a half

Cash overtime will be charged to employee’s home cost center, unless a different cost center is specified in Reasons/Comments section of Request Leave/OT screen. Specifying an alternate cost center is not an option for comp overtime.

If working a flex schedule that does not result in overtime, edit Timesheet and specify “Flex” in the Add new comments section.