The Travel Department is here to provide oversight and facilitation of the Winona State University travel processes, policies and procedures and to ensure integrity, economy, efficiency and accountability. 

Employees traveling on state business may be offered travel benefits issued by lodging facilities or airlines. Benefits issued by lodging facilities may include a free night of lodging given after a specified number of days paid. Airline benefits may include cash payments, discount coupons, free tickets, and frequent flyer mileage either as compensation to passengers who have been delayed or as rewards for frequent trips with a specific airline. Employees must not accept these benefits, according to Minnesota Statutes 43A.38, subdivision 2.

Agencies may impose greater control than required by Minnesota State policy/procedures, but never less. All travel policy and procedures must comply with the requirements of the IRS, MN Statutes, policies and procedures of MN Management and Budget and Department of Administration and applicable collective bargaining agreements and compensation plans.