Welcome from Dean Charla Miertschin

On behalf of the faculty, staff, and students in the College of Science and Engineering, welcome to our campus.

Among the COSE web pages you will find information about each degree program, department, faculty members, and special learning opportunities found only at WSU.

These include:

STEM Education

Our “Job #1” is providing a high quality undergraduate education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, popularly known as STEM.

We will accomplish this through carefully planned and executed courses, hands-on laboratory and field experiences, and opportunities designed to engage you in research projects with faculty members or other students.

COSE Goals

The College of Science and Engineering goals include:

  • Contributing to advances in STEM
  • Inspiring the next generation of scientists and teachers
  • Promoting research and scholarship in STEM
  • Ensuring the success of all students
  • Providing meaningful, challenging educational experiences
  • Building connections among STEM, careers, and societal issues
  • Integration of curriculum with research
  • Developing students’ purpose and passion for lifelong learning
  • Providing high quality undergraduate curricula in STEM

Faculty Guidance and Mentoring

Our faculty will be continuously evaluating your progress and will provide the information, guidance, advice, and mentoring that will enable your success at WSU and beyond.

Faculty members will be evaluating your performance based on the criteria that they spell out in course syllabi and other course materials.

At the same time we are evaluating your progress, we too are being evaluated on our job performances as faculty and staff at WSU. Some of the criteria on which faculty are evaluated include:

  • Teaching Effectiveness
  • Scholarship 
  • Modeling Lifelong Learning; Contributions to Student Growth 
  • Professional Service to Campus and Community

Your input is important and welcomed. Drop by my office at any time to make an appointment to see me, or call 507.457.5585 to set up an appointment.