This is Phelps Hall, home of the Psychology Department.

What is Psychology?

There are many different aspects of Psychology that students will learn in the classroom.
  • The scientific study of human thought and behavior
  • The examination of the human experience at the biological, cognitive and social levels
  • The application of scientific theories of human behavior to real world setting

Why study Psychology at WSU?

Students choose to study Psychology at WSU for a number of reasons.
  • Develop an understanding of human behavior and human nature
  • Gain skills in critical thinking, communication, research, and human interactions that will allow you to succeed in many different careers
  • Prepare yourself for further graduate level study in Psychology or related fields

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop studentsí understanding of the causes and consequences of human thought and behavior while encouraging the application of this knowledge to their personal and professional lives.
Psychology Spotlight

Swing by and congratulate Dr. Janette Williams, who is retiring next year.

Contact Us

Department of Psychology
Phelps Hall 231
Summer Office Hours
Monday - Thursday
7:30am - 12:30pm

Office Manager 
Mary Deering

Department Chair
John Johanson