Welcome to Winona State University's English Department

The mission of the English Department is to provide students with the knowledge and critical thinking, reading and writing skills needed to engage in creative, evidence-based problem solving, effective communication and responsible action within a diverse community and a rapidly changing world.

Through curricular and co-curricular activities, students gain an understanding of the historical developments in language, rhetoric, and literature, a sensitivity for language and the art and craft of creative and expository writing, an appreciation for applying a diversity of perspectives and multi-disciplinary approaches and the ability to collaborate with and serve the good of the community.

The English Department offers a variety of programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

At the undergraduate level, students can select Bachelor of Arts majors and minors that focus on language and literature, writing or applied linguistics, or they can select Bachelor of Science (licensure programs) majors in Teaching Communication Arts and Literature or English as a Second Language.

At the graduate level, the department offers a Master of Arts in Literature, TESOL or a Master of Science in English.

Congratulations to Our Spring 2021 Graduates!

Hear greetings and congratulations from your professors in the English department.