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Faculty-led Travel Program

Ireland & England

HERS 305 – Health, Exercise and Medicine: An International Perspective

This course is an interdisciplinary travel program designed to expose students to medicine, health and exercise in a society outside of the United States.

Students will engage in multiple, different learning opportunities; including peer group presentations, lectures/discussions from specialists in their field, placement in clinical sites to interact with peers and mentors from the United Kingdom and hands-on learning experiences in various settings.

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HERS 396 - Health Education and Promotion in Developing Countries

This faculty-led program to La Merced and Cusco (Machu Picchu), Peru, is designed to create experiences in health promotion and education in a developing country. Much of the experience will be hands on from which you will gain valuable experiences.

This course is particularly valuable for those going into a health-related field, particularly becoming a clinician of some kind including P.T., M.D., D.O., P.A. or O.T., etc. Course participants will attend 5 preparatory sessions before traveling which are intended to familiarize the group to the upcoming experience.

Students will spend approximately 20 days traveling and in Peru for both a volunteer experience (2 weeks) and a historical/cultural experience in Cusco, Peru and Machu Picchu. Throughout the experience you will be exposed to Peru’s culture and its interaction with its healthcare system and health of its citizens.

The two week volunteer experience will include a homestay, as a group, immersing you in their food and culture. This course is offered in alternate years during May.

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