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HERS Programs

HERS students have the option of six majors and one minor.

While the emphasis varies, all HERS students learn in state-of-the-art facilities, participate in clinical settings, and have the opportunity to do research in their field.

HERS majors have access to the highest possible accreditations and affiliations.

Majors & Minors

Athletic Training
Curriculum and Course Descriptions
Master 3+2 Year Planning Sheet (Major Map) (PDF)
Master 2-Year Planning Sheet (Curriculum Map) PDF

  • Clinical Education Experiences
  • Traditional settings with athletes at the high school and university level
  • General medical rotations in a variety of medical settings
  • Future Jobs include: High schools, Colleges, Universities, Industrial, hospitals, Clinics and Graduate school

Public Health

  • A Bachelor's degree in Public Health will give you a thorough grounding in the science and art of maintaining and promoting the health of communities and populations.
  • Choose a focus in Community Health, Epidemiology, Health Administration or Nutrition
  • Future Jobs include: Community Health Educator, Epidemiologist, Environmental Health Specialist, Health Administrator, and Health Policy Maker
Exercise and Rehabilitative Sciences: Exercise Science
Curriculum and Course Descriptions
4-Year Planning Sheet (Major Map) (PDF)
  • Design and administer strength, power, agility, flexibility, and cardio respiratory programs, health appraisals and client need assessments.
  • Future Jobs include: Corporate facilities, Fitness centers, Universities, Strength and Conditioning, or Hospitals.

Exercise and Rehabilitative Sciences: Clinical Exercise Science
4-Year Planning Sheet (Major Map) (PDF)

  • Clinically-focused exercise physiology
  • Cardiovascular, pulmonary and metabolic disease patients
  • Reducing risk factors and providing rehabilitation in clinic or hospital
  • Future Jobs include: Hospitals or Clinics
Exercise and Rehabilitative Sciences: Movement Science
Curriculum and Course Descriptions
4-Year Planning Sheet (Major Map) (PDF)
  • Meets Graduate School Requirements for physical therapy, occupational therapy, chiropractic medicine, physician assistant, prosthetics, biomechanics, exercise physiology, kinesiology, or motor learning
  • GPA Requirement of 3.0
  • Graduate School

Health Promotion: School Health (Teaching)
Curriculum and Course Descriptions

  • Meets MN Board of Teaching requirements for middle school and secondary schools
  • Fully prepares students to pass MN State exams prior to student teaching
  • Future Jobs include: Middle or Secondary Schools

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