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HERS Programs

HERS students have the option of six majors and one minor. While the emphasis varies, all HERS students learn in state-of-the-art facilities, participate in clinical settings, and have the opportunity to do research in their field. HERS majors have access to the highest possible accreditations and affiliations.


Athletic Training
Curriculum and Course Descriptions
Master 3+2 Year Planning Sheet (Curriculum Map) (PDF)
Master 2-Year Planning Sheet (Curriculum Map) PDF

• Clinical Education Experiences
• Traditional settings with athletes at the high school and university level
• General medical rotations in a variety of medical settings
• Future Jobs include:  High schools, Colleges, Universities, Industrial, hospitals, Clinics and Graduate school.

Public Health

  • A Bachelor's degree in Public Health will give you a thorough grounding in the science and art of maintaining and promoting the health of communities and populations.
  • A student majoring in Public Health chooses either the Community Health Specialist focus or the Epidemiology focus.
  • Future Jobs include: Community Health Educator, Epidemiologist, Environmental Health Specialist, Health Administrator, and Health Policy Maker
Exercise and Rehabilitative Sciences: Exercise Science
Curriculum and Course Descriptions
4-Year Planning Sheet (Curriculum Map) (PDF)
  • Design and administer strength, power, agility, flexibility, and cardio respiratory programs, health appraisals and client need assessments.
  • Future Jobs include: Corporate facilities, Fitness centers, Universities, Strength and Conditioning, or Hospitals.
Exercise and Rehabilitative Sciences: Movement Science
Curriculum and Course Descriptions
4-Year Planning Sheet (Curriculum Map) (PDF)
  • Meets Graduate School Requirements for physical therapy, occupational therapy, chiropractic medicine, physician assistant, prosthetics, biomechanics, exercise physiology, kinesiology, or motor learning
  • GPA Requirement of 3.0
  • Graduate School
Health Promotion: School Health (Teaching)
Curriculum and Course Descriptions

• Meets MN Board of Teaching requirements for middle school and secondary schools
• Fully prepares students to pass MN State exams prior to student teaching
• Future Jobs include: Middle or Secondary Schools

Exercise and Rehabilitative Sciences: Clinical Exercise Science
4-Year Planning Sheet (Curriculum Map)

  • Clinically-focused exercise physiology
  • Cardiovascular, pulmonary and metabolic disease patients
  • Reducing risk factors and providing rehabilitation in clinic or hospital
  • Future Jobs include: Hospitals or Clinics