Reservations & Policies

Kryzsko Commons Student Union offers many areas where the WSU community can gather together. 

Clubs, organizations and campus departments are welcome to use the meeting rooms and events. Group study rooms are available to students to work on group projects and study together.

Community groups and other organizations outside WSU are also able to reserve rooms in Kryzsko Commons. Rental rates may apply and groups must adhere to the catering policy.

Learn how to reserve these spaces and review policies about using these rooms.

All students, staff and community members must abide by the posting policy for flyers, posters, table tents and other promotional materials.

Room reservations are available to WSU faculty, staff, or students.

If you are a community member or a guest of WSU and would like to rent a space in the Student Union, you may browse to see what spaces would be available.

Then you will need to contact the Student Union staff at to make the actual reservation.

All reservation requests are processed in the order that they are received. Your request is not final until you receive a confirmation email.

Locations are reserved through EMS on the Kryzsko Commons Template.

Banners may be put out 2 weeks at a time, 4 times per recognized student organization or university department per year.

Only can be placed in these locations:
  • Bottom of stairs by Door 1 (3-4)
  • By Door 7 (1)
  • By Door 9 (1)
Postings without reservation will be removed

Displays must not exceed 24"x36" on easels, 35"x80" if free standing.

Exceptions are only made with Student Union Director approval.

Group study rooms are designated for group study for the WSU community. The rooms are not soundproof, so please be courteous of your neighbors.

This is different than reserving meeting rooms for student organization club meeting or event.

To reserve a study room, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the WSU Meeting Room Booking System (Virtual EMS)
  2. Click on My Account, then Log In
  3. Log in with your StarID and password
  4. Under Reservations, select Library and Student Union Study Room Request
  5. Fill in the information on the left, and click Find Space
  6. Click the green cross to select your room, then click on the Details tab
  7. The Details tab should be filled out as follows:
    1. Event name: Your study group name
    2. Event type: Supplemental Learning
    3. Group: Click on the magnifying glass, search for Individual Student. Select using the green cross
    4. 1st contact: Individual Student
    5. Email: Your Winona State University email address
  8. Click Submit. This will bring you to a confirmation page
  9. You should receive an email confirming your reservation

If your reservation falls within the study room policies, it will be automatically added to the schedule.

Study room policies are in place to ensure that study rooms are accessible to all WSU students. When signing up for a study room, please keep the following in mind:

  • Please do not sign up for a room if you do not plan to use it
  • If you do not show up 15 minutes after your reservation, another user can use that room for the remainder of the time (until the next reservation)
  • A maximum of three hours per slot
  • One slot per day for each individual user
  • No more than two slots per week for each individual user
  • A week is defined as Monday through Sunday
  • Reservations cannot be made more than 7 days in advance

Reservations in violation of these polices will be automatically deleted. If you have questions, visit the Student Union Resource Desk for assistance.

The Director of Student Union & Activities makes final decisions regarding the scheduling of all student union space. Email if you have questions.

WSU groups/departments and State/Federal organizations are not charged for reservations.

Non-profit organizations receive a 50% discount.

All rental rates are effective Jan. 1, 2020.

  • Alumni Lounges: $75 each, $125 for both
  • Purple Rooms: $100 each, $175 for two, $225 for all three
  • Dining Room B: $75
  • Dining Rooms C/D: $100
  • Oak Rooms E, F, G: $100 each, $150 for two rooms, $200 for all three
  • Baldwin Lounge: $250
  • River Room (conference room): $75
  • Solarium: $150
  • Solarium & River Room together: $200
  • East Room: $500
  • East Room & Solarium: $600
  • East Room & Oak Rooms E,F,G: $600
  • Zane's Stage & Seating area: $200
  • Student Activity Center: $300
  • Lower Hyphen Table rentals: $75 per table
  • Entire Kryzsko Commons: $2,000

Chartwells Dining Services has exclusive rights to provide all food service and catering in Kryzsko Commons and Lourdes Hall. Upon mutual written agreement with Minnesota State, Chartwells may relinquish its exclusive rights for a specific, pre-identified event.

Bake sales must be approved by the Student Union staff. Potlucks with food being brought from home and are not open to the public are fine.

However, groups cannot contact a local restaurant/pizza delivery establishment and get food delivered. This is considered catering and food must be provided through Chartwells.

Table tents from on-campus groups or departments can be put out in the Upper and Lower Hyphens and the Student Activity Center.

Table tents are not allowed in Zane's Food Court or Jack Kane Dining Center. Unauthorized table tents will be thrown away.

Kryzsko Commons Posting Policy

  • All bulletin boards will become restricted and require approval to post.
  • Posters should be dropped off to the Student Resource Center for approval and posting.
  • Maximum acceptable size is 11x17 with preference to 8.5x11. Anything larger requires director approval.
  • Only one board is available for third party postings (off campus rental flyers, community events, etc) and only one flyer will be accepted.
  • All other boards are for internal campus postings only.
  • WSU student organizations and departments may post only two copies of each flyer. If room is available during slower times of the year, then more may be possible.
  • Student Union & Activities sponsored activities and services may post up to four copies of each flyer (includes Senate, UPAC, Homecoming, etc).
  • If the poster is not promoting a specific event or service with a deadline or is promoting a series of events lasting an extended period of time, then the poster may be covered by other posters with a shorter expiration.
  • Posters may only be up for a maximum of 14 calendar days, then they will be discarded. If they’re promoting a long term series of events or service without expiration, they will betaken down no later than the end of the calendar year and could be covered during peak periods.
  • If bulletin boards are full, posters will be held until space is available and then posted in the order they are received.
  • Walls, windows, columns or other surfaces may not be used for postings without director approval.
  • Postings are not permitted in restrooms.
  • Easels and sign holders are available for way finding, or for events within the same day. Advanced reservation preferred.
  • Any unauthorized postings will be discarded.

Registered student clubs/organizations can apply for use of a storage cabinet in Kryzsko Commons Student Union on an annual basis for university-owned belongings of that club/organization. The cabinets are located in a storage room behind the Student Activity Center (SAC) and are 46”D x 42”H x 32”W. This is approximately the size 4 medium-sized tote containers.

FOR THE 2020-2021 ACADEMIC YEAR: Online applications will be due by September 15, 2020, for a contract period of October 1, 2020-April 30, 2021. Clubs/organizations must be in good standing with WSU Student Senate to be eligible to have a storage cabinet. 

Please read the club storage policy and procedure before applying to ensure you understand what is expected.