If you are a WSU faculty, staff, or student and would like to request to reserve a meeting room, table, or the campus courtyard, please use the virtual reservation system.

If you are a community member or a guest of WSU and would like to rent a space in the Student Union, you may browse to see what spaces would be available and then will need to contact the Student Union staff at to make the actual reservation.

Please Note: All reservation requests are processed in the order that they are received. Your request is not final until you receive a confirmation email.

Rental Rates

WSU groups/departments and State/Federal organizations are not charged for reservations.

Non-profit organizations receive a 50% discount.

All rental rates are effective July 1, 2011.

  • Alumni Lounges: $75 each, $125 for both
  • Purple Rooms: $75 each
  • Dining Rooms C,D,E,F,G: $100 each, $150 for two rooms, $200 for three rooms
  • Dining Room B: $75
  • Baldwin Lounge: $250
  • Solarium River Room (conference room): $75
  • Solarium: $150
  • Solarium & River Room together: $200
  • East Hall & Solarium: $600
  • East Hall (comes with Dining Rooms EFG): $500
  • Zane's & Zane's Stage: $200
  • Student Activity Center & Art Tye Lounge: $300
  • Table rentals: $75
  • Whole Kryzsko Commons: $2,000

Catering Policy

Chartwells Dining Services has exclusive rights to provide all food service and catering in Kryzsko Commons and Lourdes Hall. Upon mutual written agreement with Minnesota State, Chartwells may relinquish its exclusive rights for a specific, pre-identified event.

Bake sales must be approved by the Student Union staff. Potlucks with food being brought from home and are not open to the public are fine. However, groups cannot contact a local restaurant/pizza delivery establishment and get food delivered—that is considered catering and must be provided through Chartwells.

Posting Policy

Postings in the Student Union need to receive an approval stamp from the Student Union Office or the Student Resource Center staff. There are five (5) bulletin boards on which signs or fliers can be posted. Nothing can be posted on the walls or any of the bathrooms. Table tents from on-campus groups or departments can be put out in the Upper and Lower Hyphens and the Student Activity Center. Table tents are not allowed in Zane's Food Court or Jack Kane Dining Center. Any signs or table tents found in violation will be thrown away.