Human Resources

COVID-19 Information


Returning to campus:

  1. Each day before coming to campus complete a Daily Self-Assessment
  2. If you have been exposed to a potential or confirmed case of COVID-19, are waiting for your test results or have a positive text result please self-report



1. Staff scheduled to telework must review the MMB Telework Policy and complete a Telework Schedule and Acknowledgement form*.


*Teaching faculty, employees teleworking on a short-term basis (i.e.: quarantine or isolation) and employees working from home as a reasonable accommodation are not required to complete the form.


  1. All employees performing telework outside of Minnesota must be recorded on an Out of State Telework Reporting form as working outside of Minnesota may have payroll and tax implications. 



COVID-19 Leave:

Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB) has been continually evaluating and adjusting how we all work together to deliver the best services to Minnesotans during the COVID-19 pandemic. That includes creating policies that align with federal standards.



HR/LR Policy # 1440 Paid COVID-19 Leave

HR/LR Policy #1443 Expanded Leave for COVID-19 Related School/Child Care



COVID-19 Leave Request Form

WSU COVID-19 Paid Leave Pre-Approval Form


Employee COVID-19 sites:

  • WSU Covid-19 main site for campus wide communications
  • Keep Working provides information, tips and tools for continuing work during the pandemic.


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