Special Purchases

Some purchases are unique and have special requirements. Listed below are some common purchases with additional information needed.

University funds may be used to pay for meals and refreshments if the request clearly complies with Subpart C., Expenses Covered, in Minnesota State System Procedure 5.20.1

All food expenses must have an attached Special Expense Form

Special Note Regarding Chartwells:
  1. Chartwells has exclusive catering rights for all catered events in Lourdes Hall and Kryzsko Commons. To relinquish their exclusive catering rights for a specific, pre-identified event, there would have to be a mutual, written agreement between WSU and Chartwells.
  2. Chartwells has non-exclusive catering rights for catered events at locations other than Lourdes Hall and Kryzsko Commons on the WSU campus. It is expected that WSU shall consider Chartwells when selecting a caterer for locations other than Lourdes Hall and Kryzsko Commons. 
  3. Tau Conference Center shall remain under a separate catering license to Chartwells. In the event a licensed caterer other than Chartwells wishes to use the Tau kitchen facility, the parties agree that WSU and Chartwells shall charge the third-party caterer a mutually agreed upon "supervisor fee" and that Chartwells shall provide a supervisor at all times to ensure the third-party caterer complies with health and safety codes and regulations. 

Computer Equipment

Quotes/bids are required for computer and equipment orders. ITS (Information Technology Services) requests that you visit their website to check the models and pricing information for the equipment they will support. 

Contact Technical Support Center for further procedures or if you wish to order an item other than what is listed on the ITS web page. 


I would like to purchase new furniture; is a facilities contract required?

If your furniture purchase includes or requires the vendor to assemble or install the items on campus or to physically modify state property or facilities, then a facilities contract is required. If the furniture to be purchased can simply be delivered or dropped off by the vendor, then the purchase can be processed through a purchase order directly with the Business Office.

Request for New Construction or Renovation 

Office Supplies

Office supplies may be purchased from your vendor of choice using a Marketplace purchase order or a University issued Credit Card.

The University-Owned WSU Bookstore also has a wide variety of office supplies and will provide a 20% discount to departments for supply items. They can also order an item for you if it is not in stock. 
  • For printing jobs, contact the Print Shop at 507.457.5029, located in Somsen 112 as your first vendor.
  • For printing orders over $1,000, contact WSU Creative Services at 507.457.5025, located in Somsen 205, and they will assist with specifications, quotes, or bids when applicable. 
  • Quotes/bids are required for large printing orders; see the guidelines for Purchase Orders