Self Service Password Tips & Tools

Check out these tips and tools for how to set a safe and secure password.

  • Must be at least eight characters (the exception is your initial password which is 4 digits).
  • Must include at least one number.
  • Must include at least one of the following special characters  ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) - _ = + \ | ] } [ { ; : / ? . > < , `
  • Are case-sensitive.  
  • Cannot be reused for at least six password cycles. The system keeps track of your previous six passwords and prevents you from reusing them.
  • Expire after 60 days.
Additionally, we recommend the following characteristics for strong passwords:
  • It should not be your name, spouse’s name, child’s name, pet’s name, parent’s name, etc.
  • It should not be a dictionary word.
  • It should be significantly different from previously used passwords (not just incrementing a counter, for example).
It should contains characters from each of these four groups:
  • Upper case letters (A, B, C, …)
  • Lower case letters (a, b, c, …)
  • Numbers (1, 2, 3, …)
  • Special characters ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) - _ = + \ | ] } [ { ; : / ? . > < , `
  • Make sure you change your initial password.
  • You should change your password on a frequent basis.
  • Do not store passwords in readable form on your computer or in any location where unauthorized persons might discover them.
  • Do not share your password with anyone. If another person learns your password, change it immediately.
Self Service passwords expire after 60 days. Beginning 10 days before the password expires, you will see this message after you sign in: "Your password will expire in x days. Do you want to change your password now?" 

If you are ready to change your password, follow these steps:
  1. Click Yes.
  2. On the State of MN Self Service page, select My Profile. The General Profile Information page displays.
  3. Click Change password. The Change password page displays.
  4. Enter your current password in the Current Password field.
  5. Tab to the New Password field and enter a password of your choosing. See Are there any requirements or guidelines for creating a password?
  6. Tab to the Confirm Password field and enter the new password again.
  7. Click OK. Unless you receive an error message, your password has been saved.
  8. The General Profile Information page displays.
For additional assistance, check out the State of MN Self Service Reference Guide (PDF).
If you have tried all of the tips above and are still having problems, the agency's technical staff may contact for assistance with technical problems on the Self Service website. We will respond to email inquiries as soon as possible. However, this email box is not monitored on weekends, holidays or evenings.