Professor teaching class

Open Positions

At Winona State, there are two main categories of employment positions:

All job applications are posted online and there are no hard-copy applications.

When a position opens up, only WSU employees are able to apply for the internal search process.

If no current WSU employees apply in a 7-day window, the job listing is made public for an external search process.

Terms for Faculty Positions

Adjunct Instructor – this is a faculty position which teaches no more than 9 semester credit hours per academic year.

Fixed Term Faculty – this is a full time position which is for a limited period of time (typically 1 academic year) which teaches more than 10 semester credit hours per academic year. This type of position may be re-appointed up to four consecutive years depending upon budget and department need provided that it was hired through a formal search.

Probationary Faculty – this is a full time tenure-track position. A faculty member in this type of position can expect to teach a 4/4 teaching load per academic year.