Why WSU?

Why come to WSU? This is an important question, and if you ask the students and the staff themselves, you will probably hear that they chose WSU because it felt like home and the people on campus are friendly and kind.

On both the Winona and Rochester campuses, WSU prides itself on a welcoming atmosphere and being a community of learners improving our world.

Two Locations

The city of Winona (population 27,000) is nestled among the bluffs of the beautiful Hiawatha Valley on the banks of the Mississippi River–one of the most scenic areas in Minnesota.

Winona State University is located in the heart of the city, making it convenient for you to access shopping areas, recreation outlets, social activities, and community resources.

In addition to WSU, the city of Winona is home to two other institutions of higher education: Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota and Minnesota State College—Southeast Technical.

WSU cooperates with these institutions, as well as institutions throughout Minnesota, to enrich the educational and cultural opportunities for students at all institutions by sharing their programs and resources.

WSU-Rochester, meanwhile, is located on the UCR campus in Rochester, a rapidly growing community of more than 100,000 residents with a very diverse population. Consistently recognized as one of “the best places to live” in America, Rochester is the third largest city in the state of Minnesota and home to the world-renowned Mayo Clinic, the largest IBM Corporation facility under one roof and the second largest airport in Minnesota.

The city offers extensive cultural, dining, shopping and sports resources, as well as more than 3,500 acres of park land with 85 miles of paved trails, 3 public golf courses, and 5 indoor hockey rinks.

In addition to WSU-Rochester and RCTC, there are several higher education institutions offering programs in Rochester, including the University of Minnesota-Rochester, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, Augsburg College and the Mayo School of Health Sciences.

Professional Support

Whether you join WSU or WSU-R community, you will enjoy opportunities for professional development such as conferences and seminars. WSU also provides staff with an array of technology, including laptops and tablets, and the tech support you need to use those devices most effectively and efficiently in your work.

Winona State operates under a system of “shared governance” so all faculty and staff are welcome to provide input on decisions regarding the University. You are encouraged to become engaged on campus and serve on committees that interest you.

As a faculty member, you may even be able to swap classes for committee work though a “time-served” system. Grants are also available to support projects, new ideas, and ways to improve student experience to put your plans into action.

Dual Careers

WSU doesn’t create new positions for spouses or partners, but we can help them find jobs in the area. WSU belongs to the Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC) which hosts job listings at more than 50 colleges and universities both public and private.

HERC provides many resources for dual-career couples and allows you to search for two jobs within commuting distance.