Dr. Liberty Kohn

Professor Kohn poses for a photo.
Dr. Liberty Kohn
Associate Professor

PhD University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Liberty Kohn is a native of Madison, Wisconsin. Having earned his PhD in Composition and Rhetoric from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 2009, he teaches a variety of writing courses for WSU. His teaching and research interests are literacy studies, poetics, genre theory, public writing, and rhetorics and literacies of emotion and religion. Liberty has published articles in The Journal of Language and Literacy Education, Other Modernities, Theory Into Practice: An Introduction to Literary Criticism, and other journals and collections. Liberty also serves as an editorial advisor to the Journal of College Writing, and he has freelanced as a content developer for Fountainhead Educational Press. A musician, Liberty also writes music journalism for the international popular culture magazine Popmatters. Additionally, Liberty is the director of the first-ever London travel study (Summer 2011), and he continues to develop a public history literacy archive with his students. At the end of the school day, Liberty enjoys returning to his sleepy cabin nestled in the bluffs to play guitar and cook with his wife, Erica, an artist and graphic designer.