Global Studies Major

The Global Studies Major (49 credits) at Winona State is a comprehensive stand-alone major that does not require a Minor. However, its multidisciplinary nature makes it ideal for combination with other majors and minors such as Business, History, Political Science, Sociology and Spanish. You will find that you can conveniently complete a minor or a second major within four years while completing the University’s 120 credit requirement because its courses also satisfy the requirements of those majors and minors. The Global Studies Major at Winona State endeavors to study the interaction between the regional and global forces. Most of this integrating exercise occurs when you will take the capstone course called the Global Studies Seminar (GS 400)

The Global Studies major consists of two parts- Part I and Part II.

  • Part I (21 Credits) requires you to select courses from a list of electives that seek to give you an overview of the forces and players that are shaping the global phenomenon.
  • Part II (28 credits) is what we call Regional Perspectives. In this part of the program you will focus on one of four regions (Asia, Europe, Latin America or North America) and take courses that pertain to the language, society, culture and politics of the region you select. These 28 credits include 16 credits of language learning.