Legal Studies

Since 1973, the Legal Studies Program at Winona State University has been providing the legal community of Winona and the world with outstanding paralegals, law students and future practitioners of the law.

We created our program for the 21st-century practitioner. Learn practical legal skills while being flexible in the workforce. Complete your studies here with an internship working in the legal field, gaining real-world experience in several legal settings, or continue your research in the law and related disciplines by completing a publication-worthy research project.

In addition to that experience, the added benefit of a four-year education in Legal Studies offers students a diverse general education program as well as a core set of courses that form the interdisciplinary foundations of a well-rounded legal education.

WSU has also partnered with Mitchell Hamline School of Law in St. Paul to provide a 3+3 degree (MHSL) option.

The law surrounds us all. In our lives as citizens; we owe it to each other to assist and advocate when we can. Our Legal Studies programs at Winona State University give students the tools necessary to help those in need, improving our world.