What I Did with My Mass Communication Degree

Mass Communication Alumni

Madelynn EmmerichMadelynn Emmerich '17

Community Manager in Sunny California

Mass Comm alumna Madelynn Emmerich will be putting her new degree to good use as community manager at Awasu Design, an agency in San Francisco. She works with social media and event planning. Madelynn, active in PRSSA and the Mass Comm banquet committee, majored in organizational communication studies and minored in mass communication.

Anthony ResnickAnthony Resnick '15

Marketing the Nevada-Reno Men's Basketball Team

Mass Comm alum Anthony Resnick has been named the multimedia specialist for the University of Nevada-Reno men's basketball team.

Annelie SchmittelAnnelie Schmittel '09, '12

Player Engagement with the Oakland Raiders

Mass Comm alumna Annelie Schmittel is putting her degree to good use by working in player engagement for the Oakland Raiders. “For me, my way in was through education and through mentoring and teaching."

Lindsey HayesLindsey Hayes '09

News Anchor

Mass Comm alumna Lindsey Hayes is currently a news anchor at Fox News. Her passion for the TV news business is evident in the work she does. Her favorite about her job is getting to meet people and share interesting stories with the rest of the community.

Brian GallagherBrian Gallagher '03

Movie Critic / Journalist

Mass Comm alum Brian Gallagher moved from Winona to Los Angeles to write for MovieWeb.com. The best description of his job is an online movie/TV journalist and critic. Some of his favorite interviews to date were Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Emily Blunt, Henry Cavill, Aaron Paul, Bryan Cranston, Simon Pegg, Mark Wahlberg and Kirk Douglas.

Amanda BrinkmanAmanda Brinkman '00

Transforming Small Town Business

Mass Comm alumna Amanda Brinkman is helping to revitalize main streets across the country via a new show "Small Business Revolution - Main Street." The show helps to transform struggling businesses to improve the local community and economy.