Alumni & Careers

Our programs provide students the experience they need to compete in today's job markets. We also prepare students to take advantage of future careers that may not even exist yet in the communication world.

We’re proud that our alumni go on to do great things in the fields of advertising, creative digital media, journalism, and public relations. You could find yourself becoming a(n):

  • Advertising director, copywriter
  • Announcer, news anchor, sportscaster, broadcast supervisor/technician
  • Book/newspaper/magazine/website editor or copyeditor
  • Broadcast station manager
  • Documentary filmmaker
  • Event planner
  • Media relations representative, press secretary, public information officer
  • Multimedia director
  • News/feature photographer
  • News/feature/sports reporter, technical writer
  • Portrait/studio photographer
  • PR specialist
  • Print production manager
  • Public affairs and marketing specialist
  • Publicist
  • Radio/TV producer
  • TV camera operator
  • Web communications specialist 

Learn more about what you can do with a Mass Communication degree.


Maurice Hudson ‘21

Communications Specialist
WellMed Medical Management
San Antonio, TX

Journalism major | Public Relations minor

"My Mass Communication degree helped me prepare for the job pace in the field, which made my transition following graduation seamless.

The faculty also didn’t treat me like just a number. They helped me throughout my college career and allowed me to find my way and build a foundation that I take a lot of pride in today."


Billy Staley ‘21

Freelance Digital Marketer
Minneapolis, MN

Advertising major

"I find that my colleagues with degrees in marketing fall short in the creative department. Fortunately, WSU’s Advertising program taught me how to utilize my creative thinking, so I could excel at developing effective campaigns for clients.

Being a digital marketer is more than knowing jargon and statistics, and my degree ensured that I was prepared for the real world."


Hailey Torborg ‘21

Social Media Specialist
Rejuv Medical
Waite Park, MN

Advertising major | Creative Digital Media minor

"From Intro to Photography during my sophomore year to Campaigns during my senior year, every course in my Mass Communication degree helped me develop not only as a person, but also as an employee in the industry.

Majoring in Advertising and minoring in Creative Digital Media was one of the best decisions I've ever made because I met so many awesome students and professors, and I found a love for an industry I hadn't known very much about before."


Brianna Basolo ‘20

Account Manager & Executive
Figmints Digital Agency
Providence, RI

Advertising major | Public Relations minor

"My degree equipped me with such a variety of skills that I truly could have landed anywhere. That’s the beauty of Mass Communication—you aren’t limited by the career paths available to you."

The courses I took, the internships I pursued, and the professors who mentored me along the way all gave me the knowledge, confidence, and diverse set of communication skills to shape me into the professional I am today.


Alexis Bass ‘20

Weekend Sports Anchor/Reporter, UMD Volleyball Color Commentator
Duluth, MN

Creative Digital Media major

"During my time at WSU, I got connected with a number of people and clubs that advocated for the things I was passionate about, like communication and sports journalism.

A handful of my professors, advisers, and classmates had a big role in opening up doors for me."


Keara Jueneman ‘20

Digital Marketing Associate
TN Marketing
Minneapolis, MN

Advertising major | Public Relations minor

"The Mass Communication Department built many great professional experiences right into the curriculum that you can’t get at other universities.

From Public Relations Techniques and Strategies to Campaigns, I got to work with real-life clients and gain hands-on experience before I graduated, which helped me be ready for what it would be like working in the professional world."


Megan Tran '20

Graduate Teaching & Research Assistant
University of Tennessee-Knoxville
Knoxville, TN

Advertising major

"I've always loved art, but it was through my Mass Communication education when I realized what I was truly passionate about.

It set me up for success through hands-on experience on all Adobe software, and it also inspired me to go to graduate school."


Buck Wallert '20

NSIC Radio Network Personality, Dunking with Wolves Contributor
Concordia Athletics
St. Paul, MN

Journalism major

"My degree prepared me for success by actually sending me out into the world and finding stories to report on.

Then I learned about what could be better and done differently to make the story the best it can be."


Zach Bailey ‘19

Owner Connections Specialist
Medina, MN

Journalism major

"Through the Mass Communication Department, my Journalism classes helped me excel at writing and discover the Winonan, the student-run campus newspaper.

Not only did I end up working as Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper, but also I learned how to effectively communicate with both consumers and business.

This extensive leadership experience was ultimately the role on my resume that landed me my current position."


Taylor Eck ‘19

Account Manager
The Calico Group
Los Angeles, CA

Public Relations major

"My first role after graduating was Account Executive at a boutique PR agency, and I was able to apply the skills I learned in my classes, like Principles of Public Relations, Public Relations Writing, Public Relations Techniques and Strategies, and Campaigns.

Because of the courses I took, I was ready for the various campaigns, pitch writing, and research requirements in the field. These same classes also prepared me for my current role.

I learned so much during my time with the Mass Communication Department, and I truly believe it gave me the skills to handle any situation I encounter."


Ashley Getting ‘19

Design Coordinator
Plastic Printers
Hastings, MN

Advertising major | Public Relations minor

"My Mass Communication degree challenged me to think strategically, pay close attention to detail, and become a strong communicator with both coworkers and clients.

Taking on a leadership role like project manager in class projects and completing Campaigns also taught me how to properly manage multiple projects and their timelines at once. This definitely set me up for success with my career."


Jenna Boelter ‘18

Associate Strategic Meeting Planner
Fridley, MN

Public Relations major

"Many of the assignments I completed in my program applied to real-world situations, which prepared me for experiences I encountered in my career.

I especially benefited from using my previous coursework during job interviews because those kinds of projects were exactly what employers were looking for. They got to see what I was capable of in a variety of scenarios."


Mandi Davidson ‘17

Talent and Culture Experience Manager
SixSpeed Integrated Marketing Agency
Minneapolis, MN

Public Relations major

"I remember being apprehensive to take a design course in my program but was surprised how good I was at it.

I quickly learned that I didn’t have to be within just one category of profession—I could be in multiple. We aren’t siloed with our creativity because it comes in a lot of forms.

My Mass Communication degree was also compatible with a wide range of minors, so it was easy for me to customize my education to make it both relevant and exciting."


Allison Mueller '17

Social Media Specialist
Best Buy Corporate
Richfield, MN

Journalism major

"I learned a great deal from my student work positions as web communications assistant and blog manager for WSU's Marketing and Communications Department.

I also served as Editor-in-Chief of The Winonan student newspaper for two years, which equipped me with great editing tools, leadership skills, and management experience.

These opportunities allowed me to not only complete my degree, but also build on my education and apply that knowledge to my career today."


Jordan Gerard '15

The Caledonia Argus
Caledonia, MN

Journalism major

"The Mass Communication department gave me the tools I needed to get started in the professional world.

All those classes I took in writing, Photoshop and InDesign, ethics, and photography helped me build the skillset I needed for my career."


Alexandria Fisher '13

Managing Editor (Digital News)
NBC Chicago
Chicago, IL

Journalism major

"I was one of the top performers during my internship at NBC Chicago, which ultimately netted me a job in the NBC 5 digital departments before I even graduated.

I was able to quickly adjust to a real-world setting, and though I still had much to learn, the foundations I developed in my time at WSU eased my transition to becoming a digital producer."

These alumni testimonials have been lightly edited for grammar, clarity, and length.