What I Did with My Mass Communication Degree

Mass Communication Alumni

Andrea Boe '17

Pursuing Passion

The most valuable lesson Andrea Boe learned at Winona State University was to get involved.

“Getting out of your comfort zone can manifest some pleasantly surprising qualities about your character,” Boe said. “I think we are all just one decision away from a completely different life, and as cliché as that sounds, I think coming to WSU was the best decision I could have made when I was 18.”

Learn more about Andrea's journey to graduation.

Andrea Boe '17

Madelynn Emmerich '17

Community Manager in Sunny California

Mass Comm alumna Madelynn Emmerich will be putting her new degree to good use as community manager at Awasu Design, an agency in San Francisco. She works with social media and event planning. Madelynn, active in PRSSA and the Mass Comm banquet committee, majored in organizational communication studies and minored in mass communication.

Madelynn Emmerich

Anthony Resnick '15

Marketing the Nevada-Reno Men's Basketball Team

Mass Comm alum Anthony Resnick has been named the multimedia specialist for the University of Nevada-Reno men's basketball team.

Anthony Resnick

Dave Ferber '12

Director of Marketing

Professional Studies (MCOM minor) graduate Dave Ferber is director of marketing and enterprise solutions for Technology Resource Center of America, based in Denton, Texas. Dave supports the sales staff with print and online materials. His tasks include marketing planning and budgeting, photography, video production, social media publishing, website maintenance, internal communication, event planning, networking at local events, and client presentations. "WSU added value to my nontraditional student experience, and I continue to leverage this for the good of my company," he said.

Dave Ferber

Amanda (Rehrauer) Dill '11

Marketing Communications Specialist

Mass Comm alumna Amanda Dill is a marketing communications specialist with the Madison, Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra. She edits the orchestra’s newsletter and program books, manages social media pages and website, and designs and writes marketing emails and e-newsletters. “As a lifelong musician, this is definitely a dream job for me,” Amanda says. “I graduated in the broadcast journalism option. What I loved about pursuing my degree is that while broadcast journalism was my focus, I still received an extremely comprehensive journalism education. When I graduated, I was equipped to create and edit videos, take pictures, and write for a wide variety of audience and media (social media, web, print, you name it).”

Amanda (Rehrauer) Dill

Nina Steffel ’11


Mass Comm alumna Nina Steffel moved to Los Angeles after graduation and has worked her way up to producer on shows like Project Runway, MasterChef and MasterChef Junior, plus a stint with comedian Chelsea Handler on the Netflix talk show Chelsea, traveling around the country and internationally. Nina says there's no better feeling than wrapping a show. "Yes, the hours are arduous and intense, and Hollywood can be unkind, to say the least. But when it's all done, the feeling of accomplishment can't be beat."

Nina Steffel

Caitlin (Smith) Vastola ’11

Marketing Specialist

Mass Comm alumna Caitlin Vastola drives the marketing component of Prime Therapeutics’ go-to-market strategy with clients and develops campaigns to support product launches and digital strategies for Prime’s Bloomington, Minnesota, location. She especially enjoys working with people from different backgrounds who bring different perspectives.

Caitlin Vastola

Gabby (Gatzke) Kinneberg '10

Chamber of Commerce Executive Director

MCOM alumna Gabby Kinneberg is the director of tourism for Preston, Minnesota, as well as executive director of the Preston Area Chamber of Commerce. She promotes Preston and advocates for area businesses. That includes event planning, budgeting, marketing planning, social media, web management, fundraising, advertising sales, grant writing and community outreach. “This job combines all of my passions into one position,” she says.

Gabby (Gatzke) Kinneberg

Annelie Schmittel '09, '12

Player Engagement with the Oakland Raiders

Mass Comm alumna Annelie Schmittel is putting her degree to good use by working in player engagement for the Oakland Raiders. “For me, my way in was through education and through mentoring and teaching."
 Annelie Schmittel

Lindsey Hayes '09

TV Host/Producer

Mass Comm alumna Lindsey Hayes is national TV host/producer for two shows: Destination Polaris on FOX Sports and Made for the Outdoors on the Sportsman Channel. She loves outdoors, sports and lifestyle topics. Her favorite part of the job is getting to meet people and share interesting stories with the rest of the community.

Lindsey Hayes

Brian Gallagher '03

Movie Critic / Journalist

Mass Comm alum Brian Gallagher moved from Winona to Los Angeles to write for MovieWeb.com. The best description of his job is an online movie/TV journalist and critic. Some of his favorite interviews to date were Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Emily Blunt, Henry Cavill, Aaron Paul, Bryan Cranston, Simon Pegg, Mark Wahlberg and Kirk Douglas.

Brian Gallagher

Amanda Brinkman '00

Transforming Small Town Business

Mass Comm alumna Amanda Brinkman is helping to revitalize main streets across the country via a new show "Small Business Revolution - Main Street." The show helps to transform struggling businesses to improve the local community and economy.

Amanda Brinkman